T-shirt Vinyl

We have used T-shirt Vinyl on our t-shirts for years. In this time we have found the best vinyl manufacturers for a long lasting design.

PRICE: £2-4 per side depending on colours with no minimum order.

Mug Printing

Our mugs are printed using full colour Sublimation Print technology allowing you to print logos, text and photographs.
We use a superior sublimation coat from our manufacturers ensuring a high quality and long lasting print.
The mugs are nice and strong, and come with a variety of finishes to the inside, rim and handle.
We can also print onto colour changing mugs which turn black when cold and reveal the design when containing a warm brew.

PRICE: £3.50 per mug with no minimum order.

Screen Printing

We have one of our rooms in our studio just for Screen Printing

PRICE: £0.50-£2.00 per side.

How It Works
We create a screen using light sensitive photo emulsion and a transparency of each colour for your design.
We then place the screen or screens on our 4 colour carousel, and use a squeegee to push the ink through the screen onto the garment.
If the material used can withstand heat, the garment is then placed under our flash dryer and sealed in the heatpress to prevent the ink from washing or fading.